Opportunities bring Projects, and Projects bring Opportunities

Opportunities bring Projects, and Projects bring Opportunities

Many projects were seen to realize opportunities into reality. When someone is finding an opportunity in asset they are having, they look a way to realize that opportunities. And the way is through projects.

However, before the project take into place, considerations are done to decide whether a project should be conducted or not. This considerations may become a formal one through feasibility study and business case or informal through a simple calculation or even on a hunch. This formal or informal measurement are needed to increase the probability of success from project objectives.

Opportunities are not only seen to get profit or financial matters. Opportunities can also be seen in supporting environment, social aspect, and many others. Therefore, most of the projects may be conducted for commercial or profit while other projects support for environment, social and can be done voluntarily.

In running the project, more opportunities are coming. Not only opportunities to the project owner, but also opportunities to many parties. We could find labours who work there, vendors and suppliers who provide materials, equipments or services, etc. And even more opportunities and benefits will come after the project goals achieved. When commercial building have been finished for example, tenants rent the spaces and open for businesses, people are able to have place to work, shop or play, etc. When new park or conservation area are open or revitalised, even animals and trees can get benefits as well.

When the products are accepted and market is strong, another project is needed to support the demand. Thus, opportunities and projects are supplement to each other. When there are opportunities to be realized, projects will be conducted to make it happen. And when the projects deliver the objectives, it will bring more opportunities to community and create even more demand. The cycle will iterate in infinite times.

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