Prep Up with PEPS



Prep Up with PEPS: PMP Examination Preparation Strategies

Proven Critical Preparation Steps To Successfully Pass The PMP® Examination

PMP® Examination Preparation Strategies (PEPS) urges you to explore and find your own style of learning, preparing and approaching the PMP® examination by building confidence through smart strategies. Everyone is built differently and deals differently with the reality of their daily routines. These daily routines must be disrupted to allocate time for studying and yet, at the same time, allow competing priorities of life to flourish. There are no corners to cut. Our life nowadays is filled with smart-phone enabled, sadly useless time-wasting activities. To balance and focus our mind, one must be willing to execute our easy proven strategies on how to pass the PMP® examination.

This study guide book is intended to serve a diverse group of project management professionals who inspired and motivated to pass the PMP® examination including:

  • Individuals with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) oversight responsibilities for project management (e.g. heads of BPO, managers of BPO, executive officers)
  • Individuals with responsibilities for conducting multiple projects in their organizations (e.g. project managers, program manager, portfolio managers)
  • Individuals contemplating to change professions into project managers
  • Individuals who want to improve their project management knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Individuals interested in applying project management discipline in their line of service, key activities, or initiatives (customer service managers, heads of flight attendant, event organizers, tradeshows coordinator, travel agent executives)
  • Individuals with responsibilities for acquiring information technology products, services, or information systems (product managers, service managers, contracting officers, procurement officers)
  • Individuals with Datacenter oversight responsibilities (e.g. Datacenter managers, customer service managers)
  • Individuals in construction industry including architects, civil engineers


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