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Avenew Indonesia in collaboration with PMI Indonesia Chapter and Corvalue Indonesia proudly present Project Management Day (PM Day) 2014. This spectacular  held on March 24, 2014

Project management is not just for project managers anymore. If you are a building owner or manager; contractor, architect or engineer; you need to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies to help you be an effective project manager and team leader. A project manager’s success is often linked to his or her ability and skill in managing projects, encouraging communication, keeping teams on track, and minimizing the impact of changes to both the project scope and product scope.

A business can live or die based on how well it handles projects. This one-day conference will give you the skills and knowledge required to project success that they never taught you!



A non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing, consolidating and channeling Indonesian project management knowledge and expertise for benefit of all stakeholders. This organization is one of the chapters of Project Management Institute (PMI), a nonprofit, worldwide leading professional organization. Our members and credential holders span numerous industries, businesses and many of the Indonesian leading corporations as well as nonprofit institutions.



An organization in providing management consulting services that form the basic building blocks required for implementing the Enterprise Project Management.



A dynamic consulting company specializing in consulting management services not limited to project management services, supply chain services/ procurement services, contract management and administration, any services related to construction management.




Amin Leiman, PMP, CISA, CPC, is the Founder and President of BENDINO, an organizational development training firm that specializes in training project managers to become effective Intrapreneurs by focusing on their Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  As a lecturer and trainer, he provides project management consulting and training services using Appreciative Inquiry (AI).  AI is a strength-based approach to transform human systems toward a shared image of their most positive potential by first discovering the very best in their shared experience.  Mr. Leiman has delivered Appreciative Inquiry training sessions in many countries including USA, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.  He is a former president of PMI Honolulu, Hawaii, a member of PMI Indonesia, PMI Japan, PMI Taiwan, and PMI Philippines chapter. Mr. Leiman is currently leading a Cyber Security assessment project at a large nuclear generating station in the United States where project risk management is held at the highest standards.  He is also the official instructor for the PMP examination preparation course for the PMI Philippines Chapter.  He has more than 25 years of diverse project management experience in electric utility, information technology, and professional services.  Mr. Leiman was an adjunct professor at University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University, and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Carlos “Pido” K. Aguilar, Jr. is the founder and owner of ABUNDANCE! Corporate Training for All. He is an Inner Life Consultant and an international, inspirational and motivational speaker for conference and conventions. He received the 2008 Global HR Excellence Award given at Mumbai, India. Pido, as he is more known, obtained his M.A. Educational Administration, Ateneo de Manila University. He is a Teacher, an Educator, and a Resource Person for 30++ years. He is also a writer and author of six books, including Write Right Away!. “Starting Today!” and the e-book the 7 Heartsets of True Abundance! He served as Board of Trustee of PTSD (Philippine Society for Training & Development) in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011 where he became the President in 2007.



The Project Risk Management Skills They Never Taught You!

Nowadays, project managers are constantly bombarded with multiple risks and everyone thinks his/her risks are unique and therefore should be treated as “Top Priority”.  As Project Managers, we are not trained to be a full-time risk manager but more of a project manager who can manage the “Project Constraints”, as a rigid activity.  But, wait a minute! Aren’t risk management is a key part of what we do?  If money is on the table, and we are coerced to satisfy quality over “pocket money”, do we really do how to manage these risks?  In another word, when money talks, do we understand?

In this two-hour presentation, we will cover the Five Karate Principles that could be embraced by project managers to successfully manage difficult-to-face project risks including corruption, conflict of interest, stakeholders conflicting objectives, hidden motives, etc.  Specific applications of karate disciplines in project activities will be shared.  The first Karate Principle, “Fighting to Win”, shows how to identify critical project risks up front without fear, even if it means losing one’s job and/or one’s project in the midst of “Money Talks”.  Using the second Karate Principle, “Seek Perfection of Character”, the participants will be trained on how to keep your “opponent” from striking your spirit by identifying the hidden intention first and then manage that intention, from the start till the end of the project.  “Attack or counter attack” is the third principle that can be deployed to manage your project risks effectively.  The strategy of attack, “Ken No Sen” is launching an assault to neutralize negative risks before your opponent has a chance to react.  And, the strategy of counter attack, “Tai No Sen” is to wait until the opponents get deeper into the risks and then neutralize them once and for all.  The fourth principle, “Identifying Suki – The Gap”, is really the back bone of project risk management.  A slight crack or slit in a negative project risk could be taken advantage of and neutralized when we are constantly seeking for that opening.  It’s an unguarded moment. The fifth principle, “Applying Indirect Approach” in managing your risks.   At times, you can put your opponent’s power to your use, especially when one becomes very greedy and selfish.  The negative energies that produce negative risks can be absorbed and turned around against that very force.

Based on the teachings of ancient Karate principles, this seminar can not only help you to better manage your project risk, but learn to lead others and unleash their project risk management skills and knowledge. Discover the same proven principles that have led the world’s foremost project management leaders to the professional project success they dreamed of.

Dissolving Stress

Stress comes to all, and there are ways of dissolving it. There are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual techniques that can help us fell less stressed and more blessed so that despite the daily grind that can be toxic, whatever projects we manage, we have and live a relatively harmonious life. Happiness is not geographical, conditional or environmental. It is attitudinal.

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