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Project Management for EPC Project


EPC projects face many challenges to stay in the competitive world despite of the efforts made towards compressing activities by phase overlapping, in order to reduce time scale and to obtain better EPC projects. These project challenges lead to cost overrun and schedule delay.

Managing an EPC project can be very daunting especially in today’s competitive environment wherein the success of the project is not always set in stone. Despite the increased efforts to meet the budget and reduce the time scale, often, we see this leads to cost overruns and project delay. With the increasing pressure for project managers to oversee the entire start-up of the project until the successful implementation, their technical know-how, planning and coordination skills are put to the test.

The most fundamental mistake project managers make is going in feet first without having a clear understanding of the nature and scope of the project.  This, in turn, leads to a host of other factors such as poor management practices, project risks and lack of coordination between the client and contractor.

Most project managers would justify poor management practices to unavoidable risks at each phase of the project. Although risks can be mitigated, turning a blind eye on the real issue is in itself already a risk the project manager incurs. While they grasp at straws coming up with effective risk management strategies, the issue continues to stare them down in the face.

This training will provide participants with practical experience by applying the fundamentals of EPC project management and advanced methods for risk management, claim management and contract close-out. Additional topics will cover the real world problems in project management for engineers advancing to EPC project managers and project managers who, up until now, still lack the proper knowledge and skills.

By implementing the project management concept at any process of project management, it will reduce the level of uncertainty during the basic design process and makes the derivation accountable. The more accurate you do any conceptual process, the less contingency to be conversed for the uncertainties, as well the opposite.


  • Gain a holistic view of your project, considering overall performance of every service you deliver and meet your stakeholder expectation
  • Learn how to implement effective project management strategies in EPC projects
  • Know how to improve and advance your project management knowledge and expertise by achieving higher efficiency and better results in your daily work
  • Develop a good risk management process to better identify, anticipate and resolve problems throughout the project phases
  • Learn in an interactive setting tailored to each participants’ learning style


The course consists of 24 hours of instruction taught in a three-day program, including lecture and hands-on exercises.


  • EPC Project Management Key Concepts: What is EPC project and characteristics; EPC Business Process; Engineering Business Process; Procurement Business Process; Construction Business Process; Commissioning and Start up Business Process
  • Fundamental of Project Management: Project Management Framework; Project Integration Management; Project Scope Management; Project Scope Management; Project Time Management; Project Cost Management; Project Quality Management; Project Human Resource Management; Project Communication Management; Project Risk Management; Project Procurement Management; Project Stakeholder Management
  • Develop of Project Management Plan for EPC Project: Scope Management Plan; Schedule Management Plan; Cost Management Plan; Quality Management Plan; Human Resource Management Plan; Communication Management Plan; Risk Management Plan; Procurement Management Plan; Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Workshop and Case Studies: Managing EPC Projects

All Participants will get:

  • Course Materials
  • Stationery
  • Certificates
  • Meals (1x lunch and 2x coffee breaks)