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Global Project Management


Global projects are the key initiatives used to connect business strategy with global growth and compliance objectives. As corporate strategists increase the focus on obtaining future growth from global activities, organizations need to be able to take rigorous project disciplines to the global stage and execute projects effectively and efficiently.

90% of large companies are conducting global projects to take advantage of distributed skills; around-the-clock operations and virtual team environments, less than one third of them have effective, established practices to help project managers and team members working over a distance. As a consequence, most organizations struggle to reach the required levels of quality and effectiveness from these projects because their methods and practices are not adapted to a global multi-cultural environment, where most communication is in writing and asynchronous. Global Project Management describes how to adapt your organization and your projects to thrive in this environment.

In this course, you will learn how to approach the challenges of global projects such as: logistics, language, culture and stakeholder engagement. You will develop an understanding of these challenges and find the best solution to deal with them.


  • Distinguish the characteristics of global project
  • Find the key solution related the challenges of global project
  • Identify the key elements of global project plan


The course consists of 24 hours of instruction taught in a three-day program, including lecture and hands-on exercises.


  • Global Project Management Overview: Global project characteristics; Global project management challenges; Global project manager skills
  • Global Project Preparation: Identify global business opportunities, risks and threats; Criteria for selecting a global project
  • Global Project Challenges: Define global project scope; Staffing management plan and the project team; Plan risk management for global project
  • Logistics, Language, Culture and Stakeholder Engagement: Logistics – geography, time zones and different jurisdictions; culture and language diversity; The challenges of stakeholder engagement
  • Managing Global Project: Scope validation; change control; quality control; procurement control
  • Closing the Project: Best practices for formal sign-off; Collecting lesson learned; Archiving project documents.

All Participants will get:

  • Course Materials
  • Stationery
  • Certificate
  • Meals (1x lunch and 2x coffee breaks)