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Why PMI certifications?

  1. PMI certifications recognise your project management knowledge, skills and abilities. PMI serves as an unbiased endorsement of your project management expertise and professional experience on a global level.
  2. PMI certifications reflect achievement. Our certifications show that you have demonstrated excellence in the field by meeting standard requirements established by global project management practitioners.
  3. PMI certifications can lead to greater earnings. Many certification holders experience salary increases because of their certification status.
  4. PMI certifications can lead to career opportunities and career advancement. Our family of certifications identifies you as a practitioner who has demonstrated competency in project management processes or in knowledge and experience in specialty areas of practise based on industry standards.
  5. PMI certifications allow for greater recognition from employers. PMI certification holders gain increased recognition from employers for taking the extra step in professional development.
  6. PMI certifications can afford you a competitive advantage within the job market, because the certifications can differentiate you from others within your industry.