Risk Management: On Project and Enterprise Level

Successful project managers recognize that risk management is important, because achieving a project’s goals depends on planning, preparation, results and evaluation that contribute to achieving strategic goals. As a project manager, you often deal with the unexpected events that impact...
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Escalation of Commitment: case in project management

The Scenario: Picture this scenario, maybe we’ve facing a similar situation like this: The day is 8PM, it’s raining and we are standing on the taxi stand in a mall. Just a cross the street there is a bus stop....
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Don’t Let the Project Manage You

December 23, 2015
How many projects have you started and than had to give up because of lack of funds or lack of focus? Every professional project manager experiences these problems. The trick of being a successful project manager is simple – you...
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PMI Research Open Working Session (ROWS) 2015

On 5th November 2015 at Hilton Hotel Bandung, PMI Indonesia Chapter collaborated with PMI Global held Research Open Working Session (ROWS) themed Realizing Benefits fromProject Results through Risk Management Practice. This event that first time ever held in Asia Pacific,...
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Managing Project Risk

Managing project risk is very important, however, we often overlook this task or push it aside for other work thought to be more important. In managing project, you are better taking some times to identify, analyze, and plan how you...
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