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Risk Management


Risk management is a process which provides assurance that objectives are more likely to be achieved; damaging things will not happen or are less likely to happen; beneficially things will be or are more likely to be achieved. It is not a process for avoiding risk. The aim of risk management is not to eliminate risk, rather to manage the risks involved in all University activities to maximize opportunities and minimize adverse effects.

In this course, you will learn how to proactively reduce the probability of project failure, to implement proven approaches and techniques specific to risk management. You will learn to plan and analyze projects so as to minimize risk. You will identify, analyze, and address uncertainty throughout the project lifecycle and incorporate lessons learned and industry best practices related to risk management. You will apply PMI risk management processes in a practical way to eliminate, mitigate, and minimize threats while maximizing and optimizing opportunities.


  • Assess overall project risk and prioritize project risk
  • Manage opportunities (positive risks) and threats (negative risks)
  • Control and manage risk response strategy
  • Ensure success by understanding the role of a risk management plan and lesson learned


The course consists of 16 hours of instruction taught in a two-day program, including lecture and hands-on exercises.


  • Risk Management Overview: What is risk and risk management; Risk management and project success; Risk characteristic; Types of risk; Components of risk management
  • Plan Risk Management and Identify Risk: Risk management planning; Risk identification
  • Evaluate Risk: Analyze and prioritize risks; Qualitative risk analysis; Quantitative risk analysis
  • Plan Risk Response: Risk response strategy for positive risks; Risk response strategy for negative risks;
  • Control Risk: Risk reassessment; Risk audit; change control; Risk documentation

All Participants will get:

  • Course Materials
  • Stationery
  • Certificates
  • Meals (1x lunch and 2x coffee breaks)